Setting Up New Systems? Steer Clear of These 3 Common System Mistakes

When you listen to interviews about how successful entrepreneurs have built their businesses, you’ll probably hear them talk about the importance of having systems.

A lot of them say they were hesitant to start because they didn’t want to feel restricted, but once they did, they couldn’t imagine their businesses without them.

If you take a closer look, you’ll see that their systems aren’t complicated or technology-heavy. In fact, they’re often just a series of actions that lead up to the same outcome, and above all, they’re designed to fit the needs of that business in the most optimal way.

After hearing that one too many times, you may have finally taken the leap and set your own systems up, but were disappointed when they didn’t work out as expected.

Don’t worry! Making mistakes is normal, and the solution often requires just a simple course correction.

There is no magic formula

Watch my interview with Tara Gentile where we analyze the evolution of her product suite, show the underlying system behind it, and reveal why she made the decisions she made to grow her business.

Watch till the end to find out what Tara’s cooking up next. Hint: “it’s a secret.”

And if you’re curious why I introduced Tara the way I did, read the below story…

Behind on Publishing Your Blog Posts? Trello to the Rescue

We’ve already established that Trello has a variety of unconventional business uses, including planning your webinars and keeping track of your metrics, and now I want to show you how you can manage your blogging system using it as well.

If you’re not already familiar with Trello, it is based on a Japanese concept called “kanban” boards, which help you focus on status in projects as opposed to due dates. This approach gives you a clear indication of where tasks are stopping, or becoming bottlenecks, and it’s visual, which can be appealing to all you right-brained entrepreneurs. :]

So let’s see how you can use Trello to manage your editorial calendar and help you make sure that you never miss publishing an article.

Unconventional Business Uses for Trello

Are you making the most of Trello?

If you’ve been using it to manage your daily to-do list, great!

While it’s an effective tool for organizing tasks, it can be used for so much more than that – which could help you be a more strategic, organized, and productive business owner.


Here are four unconventional ways to use Trello for your business.

Avoid These 5 Task Management Practices

So much to do, so little time. Who hasn’t experienced that?

Sure, you could continue to follow the classic time management approach of trying to squeeze your to-do list into your schedule, or you could switch gears and do what your schedule allows.

When you make the mindset shift from time management to task management, you’ll find that you could potentially fit twenty hours of work into an eight-hour work day.

How can you know if you’ve been focusing on time management instead of task management?

Here are five actions to avoid if you want to feel more productive and in control of your day.

5 Things Only Online Business Owners Get

As an online entrepreneur, you know that running an online business comes with unique challenges and specific knowledge that people with a 9-5 or even a brick-and-mortar business simply won’t understand.

While working from home is often marketed to the masses as living a glamorous lifestyle, you’re well aware of the reality, and sometimes you wish that your loved ones understood the truth, too.

Creativity Running Low? Change Things Around By Doing This

Twyla Tharp, renowned choreographer of over 160 works and winner of two Emmy awards, does not wake up every day hoping that inspiration knocks on her door.

How does she consistently create art that resonates?

She wakes up at 5 AM, goes to the gym, and then to her studio as if on autopilot.

Twyla, like many people who have become experts in their chosen fields, follows a routine and has reframed creativity from being an ethereal entity into a habit.

10 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd

Did you know that in 2013 there were an estimated 152 million blogs? Or that Wordpress estimates that around 2.7 million blog posts are written every day?

While all of those blogs and blog posts may not be used as marketing for small businesses, that’s still a lot of people attempting to get their ideas out into the world and be heard.

No matter what industry you’re in, you know that it only takes a quick Google search to see that you’re not the only one teaching what you teach.

However, you also know that you don’t run your business to serve every single person, and that in this new online era personality is just as important as the solutions you provide.

So what can you do to be a “purple cow” in your industry, as Seth Godin recommends?

Here are ten areas that you can emphasize to show your potential clients and readers how you’re different while still staying authentic to who you are.