Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about why we choose some brands over others. And though the reasons may vary depending on what I’m buying, one of the main deciding factors for me is the connection the brand develops with me, their ability to speak to my desires and ambitions, and their mastery in guiding me through the decision-making process to buy from them in the most genuine way.

But how does one achieve that?

Again, so many ways to answer that question. But the common thread—by paying attention. 

For example, if a salesperson watches me shop at a boutique store, they can easily tell what styles I find most appealing by how I move around the store, what pieces catch my attention, what items I try on… If that salesperson came up to me and showed me a few similar pieces I missed, I’d be delighted and, most likely, happily paid for an item or two. 

That’s the power of paying attention—observing and responding to the customers’ behavior. 

That’s the way to our customers’ hearts regardless of whether we do it for one person or at scale.

That’s also the principle we oftentimes take for granted, especially when selling online. 

I guess it’s because when we are not able to see or talk to someone, establishing a connection feels somewhat unattainable. 

But is it?

After all, we can observe the online buying behavior just as well. It’s just instead of watching someone physically move around the store, we collect our customers’ digital footprints.

Digital footprints like our viewers liking or sharing our posts; registering for our webinar; checking out our sales page…  

This observing means getting the relevant numbers—number of people who registered for the webinar vs those who attended live; number of people who saw the sales page vs those who actually bought the program—and then translating those numbers into customers’ behaviors. 

When we are thinking of the numbers as behaviors, we are able to read all those page views, click-through rates, conversion rates, and the rest of that jargon into how our customers move through the sales page, what arguments catch their attention, and the motivation that guides them to say yes to our online program…

Yes, there are numbers that are dull and useless. And then there are numbers that show us how to help our audience fall in love with our brand and buy from us over and over again. 

Which is why I’m curious… What are the numbers/behaviors you are paying attention to?