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“This woman is a goddess of organization and systemization.”

– Rebecca Catterall

Hi, I’m Natasha, a Capacity Architect.

Some businesses just seem to be more fortunate than most. While 95% of all small businesses fail, the top 5% keep growing very fast! That is an absolute joy that any business owner would love to experience.

The problem they have, though, is because they’re growing so fast, they have to build their processes on the fly — they have to put their systems together on the fly…

As a result, at some point, they hit a capacity wall. The other 95% of small businesses hope they hit that wall someday. And, the reason they hit that capacity wall is this …

The “done-in-the-moment” systems and processes they built as they needed them means they spend too much time doing mindless backroom work. As they continue adding more clients, that mindless backroom work adds up. And eventually, those businesses start feeling that they are drowning in it.

So, what they hit is a capacity barrier that they just can’t pass.

Successful businesses that are experiencing that capacity wall are the businesses that I love working with.

As their capacity lifeguard, what I do is to come into the business and pinpoint the issues that prevent my clients from scaling and start to rebuild their systems. I rebuild them in such a way that those new systems practically begin breathing oxygen back into my clients and their business so that they are able to break through that wall and begin to grow their capacity again.

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I don’t really have a fear of growing too fast too soon anymore, because I’m confident that we’ll be able to bring this new setup along with us and that it will be that underlying foundation for us to be able to keep track of everybody and make sure that everybody’s getting the service that they’re paying for.

Laura Franzini

Author Accelerator

I’m so pleased to have this new system for tracking my students. It’s seamless and easy, and I never have to dig up obscure data anymore. As far as time spent, I went from 30 hours to 5-6. But I also use the information the system provides more. I’m in there all the time, because it’s so useful. It’s a one-stop shop for all my data.

Jessica Abel

Award-winning cartoonist, illustrator, writer, and creator of Creative Focus Workshop

I put such a tall order on you. I’ve been wondering how everything I have given you will come together, but you made it happen! I feel like all of the things to get my business ready to grow next year have happened!

Brigitte Lyons

Founder & CEO of B: the forward thinking PR-agency

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