Has this ever happened to you? You are at a conference or a networking event where you meet a new person and the conversation just starts flowing. 

You forget that you are an introvert, who is rarely comfortable in a new social setting. 

You are not hearing the voice in your head bombarding you with questions you could ask next to avoid an awkward pause. 

There is none of that. 

You are at ease enjoying getting to know the other person and answering their questions about you. 

Effortless back and forth. 

That’s the power of listening and thoughtful responding. 

This is what perfect marketing is to me—you say something in the form of a content piece or copy and then watch for the reaction of your audience. You then follow up with another piece that moves the conversation forward or allows your (ideal) audience to take the next step towards their decision to work with you. Yes, there is an intention behind your content, there is a strategy. However, the process is just as natural and genuine as having a personal conversation. 

Sadly, more often than not I see business owners fall into the trap of having a one-sided conversation in hopes the volume of their messages and the variety of channels they are using to share those messages will allow them to find the people they are looking for.

The answer is not necessarily to cut down on the number of messages or marketing channels. The answer is listening. Listening at scale is totally possible if you know what you are listening for.

Isn’t it time we get curious about how our marketing actually works?