In marketing, numbers are nothing else but behaviors people leave behind when they do or don’t do something. 

For example, if they come to your sales page, most likely, they are interested in solving a problem that you discussed in a message that led them to that sales page. 

If they stay for a while on the sales page but leave without buying, it might mean that they are not convinced that your solution would work for them or perhaps they are unsure if they are capable of creating the outcome you promise. 

If they go to the cart page but didn’t complete the purchase, it might mean that they were curious about the price or they weren’t ready to make the commitment… 

Selling online can be challenging because you can’t have an interaction with the person to figure out what prevented them from buying.
What makes selling online easy, though, is that you have digital footprints that will tell you what’s going on. 

Once you begin looking at your numbers as behaviors, you will know exactly where people stumble or drop off altogether. You will have clear indicators for what questions they need to have answers to make their decision and how to help them complete the purchase.

If you are great at reading your customers, you’ll be amazing at reading your numbers.