Using marketing numbers to make decisions can get pretty overwhelming—which numbers do you pay attention to, what do those numbers mean, what decisions can you make? 

Let’s step back for a second, though.  

If you were an owner of a boutique store and you were watching someone shopping, you could easily tell from their behavior what styles they found most appealing by how they moved around the store, what pieces they tried on, and what they bought. 

How someone moves from one website page to the next can be observed in a similar way.

It’s just instead of watching someone physically move around the store, you collect their digital footprints:

  • People clicking the link you shared on Facebook to check out your site = curiosity 
  • People visiting your sales page, staying for a while and scrolling = interest
  • People clicking Buy Now button and proceeding to your cart page = engagement
  • People filling out their payment details and completing transaction = conversion   

Numbers, then, are nothing else than behaviors people leave behind when they do or don’t do something.

This shows that understanding your marketing numbers is pretty much understanding the behavior of your audience.

But here’s the thing. If you observe all behaviors, you’ll get overwhelmed.

Instead of observing everything, pick a path—a customer journey that leads to buying a specific program or service. Then note how you are taking your people through that customer journey. 

Maybe it looks like: webinar registration page → webinar registration confirmation page → program sales page → cart/payment processor page → thank you page.

In short, when tracking your numbers, focus on the steps of the customer journey plus the conversion rates between the steps, so that you know the proportion of people who move from one step to the next. 

Comparing the numbers you are seeing to the industry standards or your own benchmarks will reveal the behavior patterns that you can then use to figure out what needs to be fixed or amplified.   

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