Doing more mechanically to achieve a goal is an easy way out.

Sheer doing doesn’t take us closer to our goal. It distracts us from it. It depletes our resources. 

A general wouldn’t spread his army around half of the world when he is after a specific target.

So, why do we feel that as our business goals get bigger we’ve got to be spreading ourselves thinner and thinner by posting more, creating more, launching more, advertising more…  

Delegating is not the solution here. Because all it means is that now we are paying more people to do the busywork.

It’s not that this approach doesn’t work—a larger team, naturally, produces more, which allows us to inch forward. 

The problem is, if we grow a business that way, our expenses grow at the same rate as our profit. Meaning, you end up with a larger business and larger team to manage, while your reward is pretty much the same compared to the time it was just you and a VA. This is why many business owners find themselves in a situation where they have to pull off big launches just to pay their team…  

As counterintuitive as it may sound, doing more is a way we keep ourselves safe. Because doing more doesn’t require us to grow: We don’t get to step out of our comfort zone in order to face what actually works and what doesn’t work. We don’t need to create new habits to do things more efficiently. We don’t need to say no to things that we’ve got accustomed to doing. We don’t need to experience the discomfort of sticking with just one thing until it works like clockwork. 

On the one hand…

Doing more is admirable. 

Doing more is logical.

Doing more is familiar. 

On the other…

Doing more is a trap.

Because growing by blindly doing more will never lead to exponential growth.

Exponential growth requires figuring out what works. It requires focusing on what works. Refining what works. Doing more of what works.

That’s when as you continue putting the exact same effort in and your outcome explodes. That’s when you suddenly have time for all those passion projects you shelved because your business was taking all your time. 

Stop hiding behind doing more.

Greatness belongs to the focused.