The secret behind motivating a virtual team

The secret behind motivating a virtual team

Motivating virtual teams can be difficult, even for experienced managers. Our global economy has shifted from the mechanical (or labor based) economy of the past to an economy focused on creativity and high-level knowledge based work. Rather than working as a part of a production group in a factory, many of the most valuable employees in our economy do creative or analytical work as a part of a virtual team. Our methods of motivation need to shift too.

3 Ways to Manage Information Effectively

In our quest to become the go-to expert in our fields, we often wind up feeling overwhelmed by the information we encounter as we keep our fingers pressed firmly on the pulse of our industries.

It seems as though as soon as we get our inboxes down to zero they fill up once again with newsletters and updates from other experts.

I’m constantly called upon to help my clients tame their information overload so they don’t burn out.

Achieve Laser Sharp Focus in 7 Steps

With so many things demanding our attention at any given minute focus has become one of the hardest states of mind to achieve.

And yet, it is not at all impossible. The below 7 steps will guide you through the process of achieving laser sharp focus whenever you call for it.

Let’s take a look at them…

Interview with Natalie McGuire

Interview with Natalie McGuire

Watch my conversation with Natalie to learn:
Natalie’s favorite uses of Trello
Changes that she has seen in the way she runs her business, organizes her workload, and manages her clients since she started using Trello
The way Natalie introduces her clients to Trello so that they don’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed