“I look for information longer than I actually use it,” said a client to me once.

It’s no wonder! More often than not, the very information storage tools that are supposed to make information readily available, send us on a wild goose chase. The sheer amount of places we save information is overwhelming. If you’ve ever gotten frustrated searching for a document in your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or project management tool, you know what I mean. 

Then again, maybe you know what you are looking for and where to find it, like your standard Zoom room link to send your client, your scheduling link to give to your prospect or a YouTube link to the video case study with one of your most successful clients…, but you still have to look it up every single time. 

It’s a minute here, a minute there, we say. No big deal. Yet, those minutes add up to hours by the end of the week, weeks by the end of the month, and months by the end of the yea …quite literally.

Want to stop losing so much time? Don’t panic, you don’t have to organize every single thing in your life and business. Most of your time searching for information is spent searching for just a fraction of the information you have. All you need to do is to start paying attention to what that fraction is.


Figure out what that 20% of information is that you constantly look and make THAT information available to you at your fingertips. That alone will save you 80% of the hours, weeks, and months you are currently losing. 

Hint: Advise your team members to do the same so you stop paying them for the time they waste searching for information.

Let’s examine how you and your team can be more efficient, shall we? Learn more about a Systems Audit and apply by following this link.