3 Ways to Manage Information Effectively

In our quest to become the go-to expert in our fields, we often wind up feeling overwhelmed by the information we encounter as we keep our fingers pressed firmly on the pulse of our industries.

It seems as though as soon as we get our inboxes down to zero they fill up once again with newsletters and updates from other experts.

I’m constantly called upon to help my clients tame their information overload so they don’t burn out.

Achieve Laser Sharp Focus in 7 Steps

With so many things demanding our attention at any given minute focus has become one of the hardest states of mind to achieve.

And yet, it is not at all impossible. The below 7 steps will guide you through the process of achieving laser sharp focus whenever you call for it.

Let’s take a look at them…

Interview with Natalie McGuire

Interview with Natalie McGuire

Watch my conversation with Natalie to learn:
Natalie’s favorite uses of Trello
Changes that she has seen in the way she runs her business, organizes her workload, and manages her clients since she started using Trello
The way Natalie introduces her clients to Trello so that they don’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed

How to Create Changes That Stick

How to Create Changes That Stick

Remember that time you decided you were going to start checking your email only twice a day?

Maybe you kept it up for a week and then were back to checking your inbox in long lines at the grocery store, during your pedicure, and between commercials during Scandal.

It’s not just you. When we decide to make a change or create a habit, it’s more likely that they’ll revert back to old routines instead of making sustainable change in the long run.

So how can you create habits that permanently stick?

Try taking these three steps to start creating change that lasts.

How to Find the Right Solution for Your Inbox Mess

How to Find the Right Solution for Your Inbox Mess

How do you feel when you open your email inbox?

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Tired?

If you feel this way about your inbox, I’m guessing you’ve tried your best to clean it up and organize it, but you keep falling prey to the boomerang effect. It might be organized for a couple of days, and before you realize it, it’s out of control again.

So what’s going on?

How can you find the right solution for *you* and your inbox?

Try asking yourself these three questions to get to the root of the problem and get rid of your email mess forever.