Today I want you to ask yourself a question. What would take your offering—digital product, group program, service—from great to amazing?

It’s been my experience that once we’ve built a solid foundation, i.e., our offering solves a real problem and we have happy customers, the step to make this product even more impactful is rarely packing more into it. On the contrary, it’s starting to refine it, removing anything that doesn’t add value, distracts, or over-complicates things.

In fact, this is true for just about anything—our individual evolution as well as the evolution of our business, products our business sells, and the marketing we use to sell those products…

It’s an interesting shift if you think about it. 

We usually start with a massive amount of things that we learn, add, acquire, experiment with (think about your teenage years or a similar period in your business development)… 

If you ask me, it’s an unavoidable phase that we have to go through in our lives and our businesses. 

It’s imperative, though, not to make it our default mode of operating. 

If we don’t, we can easily end up with a Frankenstein of a business and insatiable desires that, when fulfilled, don’t bring us any lasting satisfaction. 

The key then is to know when to switch from adding to refining, from amassing to fine-tuning.

So, I invite you to take a minute and ask yourself:

  • What part of my business can I streamline to make it more efficient? 
  • What feature can I remove from my product (service, group program…) to make it more effective for my clients and easier to deliver for my team?
  • What marketing tactic can I let go of to focus only on the channels that bring me the best customers?  
  • What can I remove from my to-do list to get rid of busywork?
  • What perceived limitation can I let go of so I could go after what I’ve been meaning to accomplish?

Hope these questions give you a bit more breathing room and create physical space for what truly matters and makes a difference. It’s definitely been my experience.