A couple of weeks ago I came across an interview with Aarin Chung who runs Community Influencer, the largest online learning community for realtors.

Aarin instantly won me over with her clear intention for the kind of business she wanted to build. 

As an introvert, Aarin values her free time and space. Because of that, she didn’t want to end up with a monstrous business where expenses were growing proportionally to the revenue. She knew that such a business would eat up all of her time and limit her freedom.

So, Aarin focused on building a business that worked like a value-generating machine–where a huge output was generated by a lean but mighty team and optimized processes, allowing her to be relatively hands-off.

Listening to Aarin share the criteria she’d use for her decision making as she grew her business was very refreshing. I couldn’t help but admire Aarin’s resolve.

Choosing the streamlined and simple requires focus and determination.

Lose that focus and you’ll fall into the trap of feeding the insatiable marketing beast that constantly whispers in your ear: “Create more, publish more, post more, launch more, advertise more…”  

As a new fan, I used Aarin’s example to launch my new Funnel Tear Down series. In the video below I will give you a sneak peek of Aarin’s funnel. I will also point out a couple of tiny 1% shifts that Aarin’s team could make to yield even greater results without having to drive any additional traffic to the sales funnel.

In this series, I will demonstrate what’s really possible when you begin measuring your marketing and how much more lean and streamlined your business can become.