I got my ticket to freedom when I was presented with the opportunity to study abroad and leave the USSR for good (some 20+ years ago). 

A place where there wasn’t just a glass ceiling… there was a cage; where people weren’t just brainwashed, they were intentionally suppressed. And, I was desperate to escape it.

When the Soviet Union split, life as we knew it ended. It was a good thing, but my parents had to fight tooth and nail for our survival after losing their jobs.

Somehow, they were able to collect enough money to send me abroad for my first year. After that, I pitched in by earning a scholarship and working a part-time job. 

That’s when the trajectory of my life changed forever.

Moving abroad not knowing the language and working towards getting my degree in that language was very hard work. But I consider myself so very lucky. 

If it wasn’t for the money my parents were able to collect to get me into that college, who knows how my life would have unfolded. 

Today, what fuels me is helping women step into their power and become the limitless, unapologetic leaders they’re destined to be. 

I’m all about smashing the glass ceiling, especially when it comes to earning potential. 

For me, when any woman makes money, it’s a win for all women everywhere. 

I see money as the ultimate path to freedom for women. Not to gloat and dominate, but (as cliché as it sounds) to transform and transcend.

It’s my goal to help as many women as possible become financially empowered and independent, because when we do…

We rise together 💞