I have a question for you. Should you get excited if one of your posts goes viral? Should you feel victorious if your ads manager proudly announces that you are getting leads at a ridiculously low cost?

Well, it depends. It depends on whether all those people (i.e., traffic from the viral post or leads from cheap ads) take the action you want them to take. Which might look like signing up for your list, booking a call with you, or joining your program.

For example. You are a web designer sending people to your website to hire you. The fact that your fun new Holiday post for a gluten-free pancake recipe went viral, probably, won’t be that helpful.

Another example. You are a coach running ads to get people to attend your webinar in order to persuade them to join your membership site. The fact that you are not paying much for people who are not signing up won’t be that exciting if only a tiny fraction of those leads end up signing up.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell whether people who come to your website take the action you want them to take. More often than not, it’s not only a matter of paying attention to your numbers but also a matter of adjusting your tracking setup so that you could get the answers.

The resource I prepared for you–this Traffic Intelligence Report–will not answer all of your questions. However, it will definitely reveal some traffic insights you didn’t know about.

I’ve included instructions for how to use this report on the last page in video format.

I’m sure it will come in handy as you explore the general trends and patterns of your audience’s behavior. And if/when you are ready for a more in-depth tracking and analysis, get in touch.