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Your evergreen funnel started with so much enthusiasm! You dove in and focused all your energy on getting it to work. 

It felt like an amazing opportunity to deliver results for your clients on a bigger scale, move away from the dreaded launch model, and finally attain more financial stability.

On paper it seemed so simple and straightforward. You basically publish your landing pages, and sales pop up. Wowie! 

But now that the funnel assembly marathon is over, the pages are up, and sales are trickling in, you can’t help but feel uneasy. 

You were so looking forward to putting your sales on autopilot. Now, you are realizing that the evergreen model took away all your sense of control.

What if your sales stop popping up, or slow down, or you want to speed them up? How do you figure out what needs to be fixed? What if you are missing out on a great opportunity to improve your ROI?

How do you get back control of your results?

The answer to that question is simple. Your numbers will tell you everything you need to know. But that’s the last thing you wanted to hear. 

You’ve got zillions of numbers pouring out of every platform, app, and marketing campaign. Finding useful meaning amongst all those numbers is like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

Looking through your numbers feels like a huge waste of time, because you are left with more questions than answers.

You can turn things around and have your numbers reveal their insights by taking a step back and, first, figuring out what numbers you need to pay attention to

What you are looking for is a list of numbers that give you a clear picture of how well your funnel performs and guide your action to make the funnel perform better. 

Which means that you don’t stop just at the starting and ending numbers of your campaign. 

For example, if you have an evergreen webinar funnel, your starting numbers could be how much you spent to drive traffic to the webinar registration page and the number of people who visited the page. Your ending numbers could be the number of people who bought your course and overall webinar conversion rate. 

Even though the starting and ending numbers give you an at-a-glance view of how your funnel performs, they tell you very little about how healthy your funnel is and whether you won’t lose money by scaling it.   

Let’s say, this is what you see:

Looks tempting to scale, doesn’t it?

What if we opened the black box and saw this?

Wouldn’t you want to patch up the holes before blindly scaling this funnel?

That’s why it’s worth it to figure out and pay attention to the “right” numbers or the meaningful metrics—the numbers that show what happens at every stage of the funnel (in other words, at every stage of the customer journey).

So, how do the meaningful metrics give you back control? By showing you when and what action you need to take to fix or optimize your funnel.

In order to do that, initially, you will be heavily relying on the industry benchmarks. Over time, though, you’ll be able to adjust your targets to reflect what’s true for your business and audience.

Let’s take a closer look at our evergreen webinar funnel example and the action you could take based on the numbers you are seeing.

Please remember that industry standards I suggested may vary for your industry, but they will be a great starting point.

*Click to enlarge images or download your Webinar Funnel Conversion Rate cheat sheet here.

01. Webinar Registration Rate

Webinar Registration Rate

02. Webinar Attendance Rate

Webinar Attendance Rate

03. Offer Click-Through Rate

Offer Click-Through Rate

04. Sales Page Click-Through Rate

Sales Page Click-Through Rate

05. Cart/Checkout Page Click-Through Rate

Cart/Checkout Page Click=Through Rate

06. Overall Webinar Conversion Rate

Overall Webinar Conversion Rate

As you can see, having access to the meaningful metrics allows you to have full control of your funnel. 

Which means you are able to take focused action and fix or optimize your funnel confidently and fast. 

Which results in higher return on your investment. 0126