Want to increase your profitability? Don’t blindly put your efforts into creating more, launching more, and selling more. 

Yes, eventually, the volume of selling everything you’ve created will get you to your financial goals, but most of your and your team’s efforts will go in vain. 

Instead, concentrate on the 20% of your clients that drive 80% of your profit. To figure it out look at how much they spend with you and how much delivering that service to costs. 

Once you’ve figured it out, dig deeper. 

  • What service do they buy? 
  • How do they treat you and your team? 
  • What do they value about your service the most? 
  • What improvements do they ask for?

Go after these clients and your profitability will soar. Optimize your client management system to meet the needs of your best clients and your service delivery costs will go down. Nurture your relationship with them after you’ve delivered your service and you’ll get the best quality referrals. 

Your time is valuable. Spend it where it matters for you and your business.

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