How much is complexity costing you?

For businesses that grow fast, it is very common to build processes and put together systems on the fly. In my experience, it’s the rule rather than an exception.

In a fast-growing business there are so many things that occupy your mind that when a new challenge presents itself, you find a solution for that current problem and then move on. There is no time to think about whether this would be a sustainable solution if you doubled or tripled your customer base. 

Besides, it’s rarely one big decision. It’s mostly a string of small decisions that look like a procedural step up at the time. Several decisions later you realize that you have “islands” of systems and processes that don’t work together where lots of work gets duplicated in multiple places. You begin noticing that your amazing loyal team overcompensates for broken systems by working longer hours. And that worries you because you know that long term it’s not sustainable for them. 

But while it’s perfectly ok to make fast decisions. And often unavoidable, to build systems on the fly. It’s NOT ok to continue tolerating complexity when you begin noticing how wasteful and harmful it is. Working around inefficiencies or adding people to work broken systems will suck profits out of your business insanely fast. 

Let’s look at the costs of your business complexity together and see how you could turn things around, shall we? Book a Systems Audit today!