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“This woman is a goddess of organization and systemization.”

– Rebecca Catterall

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Hi, I’m Natasha,

I strongly believe systems are not something you “do” to your business… Rather than focusing on information and technology, my approach looks at your personality, creativity, and values. The systems you create may feel foreign to others–and that’s absolutely fine.

My goal is to guide you to systems that are fully aligned with your values and perfect for you.

Natasha’s Been Featured In

Natasha has an understated powerful presence and the ability to listen carefully and come up with the right questions to ask to help people breakthrough while remaining who they are.

Sharon Mann

Follow, her, stalk her (not really) and read all her work. She is amazing amazing amazing and is responsible for the strands of sanity remaining in place. What this woman can’t do with Evernote and Asana quite frankly, isn’t worth knowing.

Rebecca Catterall

In a nutshell, if you are overwhelmed, stuck working in your business as opposed to ON your business — Natasha can sort this out in a matter of weeks and double your productivity.

Nina Vucetic

Steal My Checklists

Want better structures, but don’t know where to start? Steal the checklists I use in my own business!
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