One Simple Trick for Creating Great Clients

simple-trickWe’ve already seen the amazing benefits of a carefully designed client intake process that clarifies the step-by-step process you’re going to use to get clients their best results.

Now I want to turn you on to another simple strategy.

Providing new clients with a Welcome Packet is the perfect way to ensure they have a great experience working with you and gives them the tools they need to be your ideal customer (Tweet this!).

A Welcome Packet . . .

  • Explains your “rules of engagement” sets boundaries, so clients know what to expect and can align themselves with your guidelines. Use the right tone and wording so that you come across as firm and clear, but also personable and giving — with their best interests at heart.
  • Clarifies milestones and deadlines so clients feel grounded and in control. Knowing that there’s an established process that will get them the desired results goes a long way towards cultivating a deep sense of customer satisfaction.

Experiment with formats and layouts for your Welcome Packet, which can be anything from a simple Word or PDF document to a handcrafted folder with materials typed out on beautiful stationary.

Just make sure that you can easily reproduce and deliver this Welcome Packet.

What to Include in Your Welcome Packet

1.  Welcome Message to convey why you’re so excited about working with this specific client.

2.  Your Vision for the Client. Restate the client’s goals and how you’re going to help them achieve them.

3.  Milestones, Timelines, Deadlines, and Priorities. It’s great if you can say a few words about how each one of these connects back to your client’s goals.

4.  Communication Logistics that identify your contact info, preferred method of communication, when you can be reached, how frequently they can expect to hear from you, how you’re going to meet (online, phone, in-person), any necessary details (software, phone numbers, directions), and how you are going to share project updates.

5.  Client Responsibilities. Explain what your client needs to do if s/he needs to cancel an appointment and if there’s any preparation that s/he needs to complete prior to your sessions (and how to submit it).

6.  Payment Details. Clarify how (and how often) clients are going to be billed, identify installment amounts (if on a payment plan), and explain how/when you’re going to get approval if expenses pop up that weren’t calculated into the original package.

7.  Next Steps. Make sure your client knows what is going to happen next and if s/he needs to do anything right away.

8.  Closing Remarks where you reaffirm how much you’re looking forward to this project.

You want to be thorough but concise. Bullets points make it easy for clients to take in this essential information.

Your Welcome Packet will transform your clients into amazing ones who know exactly what to expect and what they need to do in order to get the results they want!

Back to You

What’s one policy you wish your clients were following? Can you describe it in your Welcome Packet in a way that inspires them to adhere to it? If so, how?

Is there an item that’s definitely going into your Welcome Packet? Share it with me!

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