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Years ago when I first got into systems it was purely because I realized that without systems my business wouldn’t survive. I wouldn’t survive.

I cringe remembering those early months. I was overwhelmed by learning how to grow an online business while taking care of a 9-month old, running a household, adjusting to a new country, and learning its language.

I kept listening to the interviews of the founders of more mature businesses to try to understand what their secret was. The word “systems” would come up pretty regularly, but I kept dismissing it because I’d associate systems with large teams and conveyor belts.

It was an interview with Laura Roeder that changed everything for me. In her Mixergy interview, Laura explained that a “system” can be as simple as a checklist of what needed to happen. It was such a huge revelation!

After a few weeks of learning how to create systems and putting what I learned into practice I was completely sold on systems. That’s when I closed my struggling marketing consultancy and founded SystemsRock.

Since then we’ve created or guided our clients to create countless systems. Until one day a client came to us with a challenge that we ended up solving by building a dashboard to manage their writing coaches and writers.

It was transformational. And not only for the client who upped their revenue by 85% and increased the number of clients they are working with by 250% in less than 10 months. It was also transformational for us as well, because we never looked at dashboards the same way again.

Just like with systems all those years ago, I realized that metrics and KPI dashboards are a must for smaller businesses, too. Take a look at a few examples of such dashboards. And if you’d like to strategize about a dashboard for your business, feel free to reach out: https://systemsrock.com/connect/.

For more tips and tricks for how to create systems in your business