In this conversation I speak with Matthew Pollard, the Rapid Growth Guy.  

Matthew began an independent telecommunications company that went national in three years, turning over four million dollars per annum. In addition to his success in telecommunications, Matthew created a sales method for the Pollard Institute that saw over 3,500 students enrolled. Some of these clients included Australia’s premier national and state sporting teams, one of Australia’s largest retailers, many large national franchises as well as one of Australia’s largest medical companies and the Law Institute of Victoria.

Matthew has developed a variety of lectures and presentations that provided guidance to professionals on everything from unified messaging, differentiation and niche marketing to closing a sale as well as earned himself a seat on a training organizations Academic Board.

Matthew has also been a paid guest speaker at events and conventions across the world, including government economic development events, designed to support Victorian businesses.

Matthew and I talked about:

  • The key traits that helped Matthew to build multi million dollar businesses
  • How to tell when the challenges you’re experiencing are the sign that it’s time to pivot and move to another business opportunity and when they indicate it’s time to push through to make your business work
  • Why you shouldn’t punish yourself for things you don’t know, but instead make sure that you put every lesson to good use
  • The importance of constantly evaluating our beliefs and opening our mind to new possibilities or approaches
  • Two questions to ask ourselves to identify and overcome our negative mindset

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