In the middle of the busy days, client calls, and never ending task list, there’s something you need to consider. Something that’s just a bit too big to ignore.

Just exactly what role do you want to play in your business…and how can you design a business that supports the work you really want to do?

You see, bigger isn’t always better. It all depends on how YOU define success.

The Boutique Business – your creative outlet or side hustle

Many online businesses begin as a side hustle. We work full time for someone on a regular job or in a professional career of some kind, but we want a bit more. We want to step out on our own to create something special or expand our skills or just make a bit more money. So we start a business and begin growing it on the side while we earn our main income elsewhere. And for some of us, this is just exactly how we define success.

For many people, a boutique business is the perfect creative outlet.

Maybe this model is ideal for you as well. In a business like this, you are the sole member of the team. You may use an occasional contractor here or there and send your financial work to an accountant or something, but typically you run things on your own.

Success for you is freedom, flexibility, and independence. Growth for you means becoming more efficient so you can do the creative work you love.

The Micro Business – working in your zone of genius

Boutique business owners aren’t the only ones who want to do more of the creative work they love. Many entrepreneurs define success as more time to focus on their zone of genius – the work they do best – and less time doing the inevitable day to day operations of a growing business.

Do you dream of delegating the things you don’t do well (like accounting, marketing, or admin) or the things you simply don’t like to an expert who would love to step in and do it for you?

As a micro business owner, delegation is how you can maximize their effectiveness and impact.

Success for you is delegating to team members you trust so you can do more of the work you love. Growth for you means smooth operations so you can create with peace of mind.

Growth Oriented Business – expanding your impact

So, what if your dream is bigger than the two options I’ve shared so far? What if your definition of success is expanding your impact to reach a larger audience, attract a greater number of clients, and generate more revenue? Success for you may be found in creating something bigger than yourself.

Growth oriented businesses are less about delegation and more about replication.

As the owner of this type of business, you share your vision and inspire your team as you teach them to do the things you do well. You multiply your impact by sharing your expertise. Oh sure, you’re still responsible for the organization as a whole, but your focus is on leadership not operations.

Success for you is sharing your vision. Growth for you means empowering your team to impact the world.

What does success mean to you? What role do you want to play?

It’s time to consider your role and how you define success. Where do you see yourself? Maybe you love the creativity of a side business. Or maybe you want to change the world and create an organization that leaves a legacy for your children. Perhaps success for you is somewhere in between.

It doesn’t matter where you are now… What’s important is where you want to be in the future. You see, success for me is supporting YOU as you achieve the success of your dreams.

Now relax… because I’ll give you more of the wisdom, advice, and systems insight you need on your path to success.