In my last article, I asked you to consider the role you want to play in your business. We looked at how you define success, and what that definition means for your business model. I shared three main options with you: The Boutique Business, The Micro Business, and the Growth Oriented Business.

Now it’s time to talk about systems…and identify the systems you need to support you as you achieve success on your own terms.

Supporting your creative outlet with a boutique business

As a boutique business owner, you’re all about efficiency. Since you do everything (and I mean everything) on your own, your task list is pretty long. And let’s be honest, you’re not so interested in the administrative stuff and those operational details that are a part of every business. YOU are all about creativity…and you’re looking to make every step of your business as simple as possible so you have more time to focus on your favorite work.

What systems do you need to be more efficient? Here are my recommendations:

  • Information Management – so you don’t have to search for the information you need to make decisions, explore new ideas, or simply do your work.
  • Relationship Building – so you can keep track of contacts, develop relationships, and get referrals from people who love your work.
  • Task, Calendar, & Inbox Management – so you can keep all those pesky details organized and out of your way while you work AND so you don’t miss a few of those details while you’re busy creating.

Remember, success for you is all about freedom, flexibility, and independence. You might feel you just don’t have time for systems – but honestly, you don’t have time to ignore them!

Making the most of your zone of genius with a micro business

When I work within my zone of genius, time just seems to fly. The work is easy and rewarding. More importantly, the clients I serve are engaged in the process and excited about the results. They come back to me and refer their friends because they appreciate my unique perspective and experience. This is the work I do best… the work I love the most. As a micro business owner, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Let’s get you set up to do more of this important work and hand off the rest to a team you trust.

What systems do you need so you can delegate effectively? Here are my recommendations:

  • Client Intake & Management so your clients receive great service without taking tons of your time and energy.
  • Product Delivery  so the logistical details of shipping, tracking, and delivering are handled smoothly while you do something else.
  • Marketing Systems so content is created and your message goes out consistently even when you are too busy to post, tweet, or update.
  • Financial Systems so you can make decisions about money but delegate the day to day management of money (invoicing, bookkeeping) to someone  who loves that kind of thing.

Success for you is delegation. Systems make it simple to share your work with experienced, dedicated people you trust. Let them work in their zone of genius…so you can focus on yours!

Impacting the world with a growth oriented business

You’re on a mission to change the world (or at least your corner of it) for the better. The services you provide and the products you create are life changing for your ideal clients…and you want to reach a bigger audience to increase your revenue and your impact. You’re on a growth path, and to achieve your goals you’ll need to share your special insight with a team you trust. This isn’t delegation, this is replication…and its a beautiful thing.

What systems do you need to expand your reach? Here’s what I recommend:

  • High Impact Marketing Systems so you can reach new audiences, establish yourself as an expert, and form strategic partnerships with leaders in your industry and beyond.
  • Strategic Product Systems so you can lead clients from one product to another in a way that adds value and expands your impact while streamlining your operations and building your brand.
  • Visionary Team Alignment Systems so you can inspire, empower, and manage your team and move beyond delegation to a cohesive culture built around your vision and mission.

Expanding your impact means developing your team, inspiring them, and leading them as they do the work you love. Replicating yourself so the services you provide and the products you offer can change the lives of an ever-expanding audience. The systems you create are the foundation that supports you while you grow.

Systems are the solution, no matter how you define success

At this point you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to build the systems you need to support your vision of success. I completely understand how you feel and I’m here to support you. You see, systems are actually my zone of genius…and my goal is to help you put the optimal systems in place so you can achieve your goals.

You’re not alone. We’re in this together…and I’m so glad you’re here.