In this conversation I speak with Nik Trowbridge, the founder of The Statements Project, Statements the Salon, and Statements the Academy.

Nik grew her Statements the Salon to nearly 50 employees grossing around $2.8 million per year.  This happened by creating business systems and an environment that encourages team growth.

Nik is very passionate about helping members of the Beauty industry to accelerate their careers and grow incredible salon environments.

Nik and I talked about:

  • The evolution of her company
  • The mindset that allowed Nik to scale her business and balance being emotional with being strategic
  • Nik’s approach to finding, hiring, and training new people.  
  • Tools and tactics to grow team members who are genuinely  invested in your business and committed to the success of your business. 
  • How to build freedom in your business  
  • What systems you should have in your business and how to make sure that your team follows them

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