Anne Samoilov is my all time favorite launch strategist and mentor.

I met with Anne to ask a few burning questions on launching as well as to discuss her own launch of her flagship program Fearless Launching*.

Here are some questions you can find answers to in this interview:

  1. I have a new offering (course, e-book, new service, website, etc.) that I want to launch.  Where do I start?
  2. When do I need to start planning my launch?  Is there a checklist to work with to make sure I take care of the all moving parts of my launch?
  3. I am a solopreneur and I don’t have much of a budget for my launch.  How do I ensure that I don’t over overextend myself physically or financially during a launch?

Curious about Anne’s program?

Here is my earlier review of Fearless Launching.  I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions if you want to find out the inside scoop.

You may also head over to this FAQ page and get your answers directly from Anne.


Don’t leave without your Launch Toolkit to help you launch your next idea without an ounce of fear and with 100% confidence and class.

It gives you tools and templates you need to create a launch that will wow your audience and bring in the profits and exposure your brand deserves.

Here is what you get in this free toolkit:

  • The First 10 Steps To Plan Your Launch: a workbook-slash-guide to help you plan the first 10 steps of your launch.
  • Project Breakdown Template: an easy-to-use but extremely effective template to help plot out every single task that has to happen during launch.
  • How To Build Your Launch Team: A kickass video presentation taken directly from Anne’s premium Fearless Launching program and teaches you about the different teams you may need to put together for your launch.
  • How To Use Swipe Files The Right Way: Another great video that shows you how to use swipe files the right way.
  • 20 Simple Actions To Organize Your Business: A .PDF guide to help you streamline your business with systems that power up your launch.

Get your FREE Launch Toolkit here.

*Just to be totally straight with you, I am a proud affiliate of Fearless Launching.  This program has changed my life and how I relate to myself.  And that’s the reason I am such a big advocate of Anne’s work.  I hope you give it a try!