Let’s be honest. You don’t need more numbers. You’ve already got numbers pouring out of every platform, app, and campaign… 

…except you don’t really know what to do with those numbers. 

Looking at those numbers leaves you with more questions than answers. They’re not helping you be sure of the actions you need to take.

That flood of numbers is your kryptonite. They make you feel powerless and they sap your energy. 

And it’s soooo frustrating, because when it comes to your area of expertise, you truly have superpowers. You are brilliant. Your audience can’t get enough of you. 

But looking at your numbers makes you feel … let’s just say, less than brilliant. 

You don’t need more numbers.

You need to know what your numbers mean & how to use them to grow your business.

In today’s video, I’ll show you how you can do exactly that 🙂 

Turn your sales funnel numbers into a crystal ball