Hire profitably. Manage profitably. Lead profitably.

Successful business owners work hard to hire and train great people. They invest time, energy and resources in the hopes of creating an efficient team. But often, they end up stuck and frustrated.


“I’m getting bogged down in the details of managing my team.”
“I’m paying too much for my team…and getting too little in return.”
“Managing people stresses me out. I shouldn’t have to babysit grown adults.”
“It’s so hard to find good people. I want to stop hiring them if they’re just going to leave.”

Missed deadlines. Multiple mistakes. Frustration and confusion. These are the familiar signs of a struggling team. This can even happen in a team full of talented people if they’re unmotivated and simply burned out.

Are you stuck in an endless cycle of hiring and firing,
trying to identify and retain the right people?

There is a better way.

I’m Natasha, and I’ve spent the past seven years successfully guiding small business owners as they develop systems, enhance their productivity, and increase efficiency in their businesses. I love the energy of entrepreneurs and I love what I do. But…

I’ve realized that it takes more than systems to build a strong team. Hiring talented people isn’t enough either, in fact it’s just the beginning.

Successful teams are built with shared vision, clear communication and strong leadership by business owners who know how to…

Hire profitably – give talented, brilliant people the tools, guidance, and freedom they need to take ownership of their roles so they can deliver the best possible results.

Manage profitably – create systems to support the team, measure results, build collaboration, and develop an atmosphere of trust and empowerment.

Lead profitably – share vision, set consistent goals, and collaborate effectively without micromanagement or changing expectations.

The Team Assessment gives you the insight you need to adjust your mindset and shows you how to hire, manage, and lead profitably.



Goals & Vision

We meet together virtually to discuss your team, the challenges you are currently facing, and your goals for your team and yourself, as the business owner.


Interview & Collect

Through a set of questions and individual interviews, I gather information and impressions from you and your core team members.


Analyze & Report

My team and I compile the information we’ve collected, analyze it, and give you the feedback you need to move forward.

You receive a confidential report sharing our insights and analysis. We’ll provide key opportunities for change and clear recommendations you can begin implementing right away.

Are you ready to…

Hire profitably, manage profitably, and lead profitably?

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Questions? Find Your Answers Here.

How will my business benefit from a Team Assessment?

Your Team Assessment will help you build a stronger, more connected team. You’ll save time by finding simplified, optimal ways of doing things, and feel motivated by the difference your work makes to your growing client base. By increasing the fulfillment your team feels in their work, you’ll set your team up to experience exponential growth.

Is my team big enough to benefit from a Team Assessment?

We believe the size of the team is not nearly as important as the issues experienced by the team itself. If you are frustrated with the way your team functions or concerned because you’re not getting the results you expected from team members, the Team Assessment can help you. Not sure you’re ready for an assessment? We recommend you check out 3 Qualities of High Impact Teams and see how your team measures up.

We’re quite busy right now. Will we have time for a Team Assessment?

Yes, of course you’re busy! You’re trying to grow your business while dealing with frustrated team members, turnover, and less than optimal processes. Those challenges that cause your team to drop balls, alienate customers, and leave your organization are keeping you running from crisis to crisis. You must identify and fix the issues that are keeping you stuck.  Do you have time? Yes! In fact, I believe you don’t have time to wait.

How can I use my Team Assessment?

The first step to solving any problem is understanding it fully. That’s the beauty of the Team Assessment! Your completed assessment will identify the three most pressing issues facing your team and make recommendations for ways to resolve these issues. You’ll be able to create a plan of action for resolving those issues and increasing the impact of your team.

Why should I hire SystemsRock for this assessment?

At SystemsRock, we believe the strongest teams (and the highest performing businesses) amplify the impact of each team member by providing the right working environment, resources, and leadership. We look at your organization as a whole, and create solutions build on your strengths and amplify your success. We never recommend a systems-in-a-box solution or resort to standard prescriptions. We ask questions and analyze your unique situation and create recommend solutions that are perfectly aligned with your needs.

Can’t my OBM do this analysis for me?

Hiring an independent consultant like SystemsRock to assess your team means you’ll get an objective picture of your current situation without bias or conflict of interest. Your team members will discuss their challenges more openly because we are independent rather than an existing supervisor. Plus, your OBM can continue to focus attention on business operations rather than allocating time out of the current busy schedule for this analysis.

How much does a Team Assessment cost?

Each team is different. That’s why we quote each Team Assessment individually. We consider the size of your team and the scope of the assessment to give you exactly what you need and make your assessment as affordable and cost effective as possible. We begin with your application and a discovery call to make sure this service is a good fit for both your team and your budget.

If I invest in a Team Assessment, what return will I get?

I understand that work with us in an investment. But just think about the minimal financial benefits you’ll receive after you implement the solutions we recommend. For example, by saving 15 minutes per day following up with team members, you’ll save up to 5 hours per month. What’s the value of 5 hours of your time? When one of your team members saves 15 minutes per day looking for documents or asking questions, that’s up to 5 hours a month multiplied by her hourly rate. Consider too the thousands of dollars of earning potential you have when you launch the new program you’ve been thinking about but haven’t had time to create. These are all the financial benefits of your investment in our work.