Work With Me

If you know you need to streamline your business
so you can make more money in less time, I can help

If you’re reading this, you know that your business has evolved to the point where you need to start putting systems in place to make your day-to-day operations more efficient and streamlined so that you can grow your business while reducing your workload.

(Yes, it is possible.)

When we work together, I’ll help you choose the right systems for your unique business – and show you how to actually have the time to put them into place without interrupting the important work that you have to do in the meantime.

If you’ve “hit the wall” and realize you need outside support in order to shift your attention to what’s really important to the future of your business, here’s what I can assist you with right away:

  • Getting More Done in Less Time (Time Management System)—getting time on your side and being in control of your schedule
  • Making a Never-Ending Project Finally Happen (Project Management System)—breaking down any unmanageable project into actionable steps and taking them
  • Building Relationships that Pay Off (Lead Generation Systems)—establishing lucrative connections, where they didn’t exist (direct outreach, networking, follow up and keeping in touch)
  • Creating a Referral Machine (Referral System)—keeping your pipeline of clients full at all time
  • Structuring Your Social Media Efforts (Social Media Systems)—stop being sucked in by social media and let it systematically work for you (we will work on your Facebook and Twitter strategies)
  • Setting the Tone of Your Relationship with Clients (Lead Management System)—from the moment they express interest in your service to the point when they become clients, which includes answering common questions, handling objections, setting expectations and leading introductory sessions
  • Establishing the Conditions for Success (Client Intake System)—collecting the information that will ensure you know all the necessary details and setting up boundaries so that clients pay on time and are excited and ready to follow your instructions
  • Delivering a Service that Rocks Your Client’s World (Service Delivery System)—this is where you deliver on your promises. You do it in such a way that it is clear and not overwhelming and, at the same time, easy and straightforward for you and your team

You Can Expect

  • Short, results-focused sessions
  • Ease-based systems design
  • Simplicity of putting systems in place (won’t take much time)
  • Step-by-step handholding
  • Clarification that crushes your chaos

How We’ll Work Together
To Get Your Systems In Place Fast

  1. First, we’ll get on an initial consultation call to understand your specific needs at this time and what systems are most important to get in place for your business.
  2. Next, you’ll receive a Welcome Packet that will include all the details of how your systems-building process will work.
  3. Then, we’ll get on the phone once every two weeks to discuss your next steps on the systems we’re working on so that getting them in place is easy and you know exactly what to do.

After each call, you’ll also receive

  • A recording of our session and an outline of what we discussed along with my observations, suggestions and recommendations, so that you’ll have everything you need in front of you without having to take notes
  • Helpful checklists, templates, “cheat sheets” and software recommendations to make your implementation process as easy and trouble-free as possible
  • Unlimited email support in between your sessions, so if you have specific questions you need answered as you’re putting your systems in place, you’ll have the help you need.

In most cases, we’ll be able to implement and streamline two to four very good systems each month we work together – even if you’re starting from scratch and have no previous systems experience.  I’ll hold your hand and tell you exactly what you need to do next.

Before we set up a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and see if we would be a good fit, please tell me a bit about yourself and your business.

Please allow me 24 hours to get back to you :).