In this conversation I speak with Scott Barlow, the founder of Happen To Your Career (HTYC).

HTYC began when Scott began being asked to sit down with people over coffee to provide advice and coaching about all things job search and career.  As Scott has often said, “I like coffee, so I sat down with them!”  Fast forward several years, again in a coffee shop, Happen To Your Career was taken to the next level!  Scott met with—now Director of Happen-ings for HTYC—Mark, and they began planning and envisioning how Happen To Your Career could move to the next level and affect hundreds, even thousands, of people’s lives.

Now Scott and the HTYC team have a plan to move forward with their mission of providing regular people with a desire to transition into work that they love the tools, resources and roadmaps necessary to begin—and complete—that journey.

Scott and I:

  • Nerded out about systems: when it’s the best time to create systems, how to create systems that feel natural to follow, and how to empower your team members to create systems with and for you.
  • Talked about Scott’s top 4% methodology as it applies to figuring out what to concentrate on to exponentially grow HTYC.
  • Discussed the types of metrics we have to keep an eye on to ensure progress and the frequency with which we have to review those metrics.
  • Examined how Scott grew HTYC team.
  • Looked at how Scott ensures that every new team member who joins HTYC team is right for the position and once he/she is hired, that he/she has everything he/she needs to be successful in his/her role.
  • Talked about how Scott’s mindset changed as HTYC grew.


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Resources Mentioned in the Interview: