In this conversation I speak with Philipp Kandal, General Manager EU of a leading global navigation company – Telenav.  He leads a 200+ member team in the areas of product and technology.

Among other things, Philipp is the founder of Skobbler, a provider of mapping and navigation software that was acquired by Telenav in 2014.  Skobbler was a pioneering company in OpenStreetMap based navigation solutions both for consumers and automotive clients.

Philipp is strongly engaged in the Startup world, as an organizer of Startup Weekend Cluj and the Wherecamp in Berlin and as a mentor for several young startups.

Philipp and I talked about:

  • The ups and downs of growing a company and the single trait that can help you manage both
  • Beliefs that successful entrepreneurs share
  • Philipp’s ingenious approach to finding team members that are the right fit for their company
  • How Telenav ensures that its employees continue following their passion, doing what they love, and growing as professionals
  • The lessons Philipp learned recruiting and building top-performing development teams

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