Get More Done Without Having To Do It All Yourself

How to Make the Most of Your Assistant
(Even if You Haven’t Hired One Yet)

Are you ready to remove your biggest business bottleneck and get on with your big ideas?

What is your biggest business bottleneck, anyway? Well, quite possibly, it’s . . YOU.

Here’s the thing: I’m sure you can identify at least 3 areas of your life (time, sanity, income, etc.) that would instantly get better if you didn’t have to do everything in your business yourself. Am I right? If so, it’s time to tame that tiger.

Join us for the free mini-class “Get More Done Without Having To Do It All Yourself” and make the most of your assistant even if you haven’t hired one yet!

The mini-class will start on January 3 and culminate with a live workshop on January 12 at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific (you’ll be able to come back to the recording).

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I’m Natasha Vorompiova.

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs determine what everyday actions are going to produce the results you need to get you closer to your goals.

What we’ll cover:

  • Why the “center of the universe” syndrome is bad for you and how you can cure it
  • Delegation myths to help you bust through your delegation fears
  • 3 easy steps to avoid failure and costly mistakes when delegating
  • Case study: Delegation as a tool to grow your business
  • Case study: Making your task-list delegation-ready


  • 6 ways to delegate without adding a team member
  • 5 ways to delegate on a dime
  • 4 shortcuts to document your processes
  • Template: How to Give Instructions to an Assistant — to ensure a brilliant performance by your team every time
  • Checklist: Project Welcome Packet to go through with a contractor you hire for a one-off project

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