Email Management With Trello

Has this ever happened to you? You come across a thread on Facebook where people rave about a task/project management tool:

Ooh, it’s super easy to use and crazy effective;
I no longer have to rewrite to-do lists or have them in 9 places;
I use it to pretty much run my life;
It’s been my go-to tool for client management;
I’ve been using it for both business and personal tasks just to have everything in one place. It’s amazing!

All that sounds heavenly. Excited, you create an account with that tool and start moving your tasks and projects there. For the next few days you diligently open your new tool and poke around to figure out how you can make it do the same wonders people talked about.

Behind on Publishing Your Blog Posts? Trello to the Rescue

We’ve already established that Trello has a variety of unconventional business uses, including planning your webinars and keeping track of your metrics, and now I want to show you how you can manage your blogging system using it as well.

If you’re not already familiar with Trello, it is based on a Japanese concept called “kanban” boards, which help you focus on status in projects as opposed to due dates. This approach gives you a clear indication of where tasks are stopping, or becoming bottlenecks, and it’s visual, which can be appealing to all you right-brained entrepreneurs. :]

So let’s see how you can use Trello to manage your editorial calendar and help you make sure that you never miss publishing an article.

Unconventional Business Uses for Trello

Are you making the most of Trello?

If you’ve been using it to manage your daily to-do list, great!

While it’s an effective tool for organizing tasks, it can be used for so much more than that – which could help you be a more strategic, organized, and productive business owner.


Here are four unconventional ways to use Trello for your business.

5 Things Only Online Business Owners Get

As an online entrepreneur, you know that running an online business comes with unique challenges and specific knowledge that people with a 9-5 or even a brick-and-mortar business simply won’t understand.

While working from home is often marketed to the masses as living a glamorous lifestyle, you’re well aware of the reality, and sometimes you wish that your loved ones understood the truth, too.

Want to Feel Productive at the End of Your Day?

Want to Feel Productive at the End of Your Day?

Of course, you want to feel productive at the end of your day!

Do you consistently check off all the items on your to-do list?

Or, do you find yourself reaching the end of each day feeling overwhelmed with all that you didn’t finish?

You still need to get each item done, but the amount of time and energy you have in one day is limited.

So how can you stop feeling overwhelmed, conquer your to-do list once and for all, and feel productive?