3 Benefits of Creating an “Ecourse” About Your Business

3 Benefits of Creating an “Ecourse” About Your Business

Last time we talked about creating an “ecourse” about your business. I suggested you think about your systems in terms of “lessons” and organize them into business areas, i.e., modules. This way you can simply identify the systems you currently use, put together simple documentation for them, and fill in the gaps in a manner that makes the most sense for you and your business. But what if you didn’t stop there?

Can You Make Your Business Flow Like a U2 Concert?

A roaring crowd of 90,000 fans greeted U2 at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on June 30th, 2009. It was the first of the 110 shows of the 360° Tour. The tour was named for a stage configuration that made it possible for the audience to almost completely surround the stage.

Construction of the stage was of gargantuan proportions. The steel structure weighed 220 tons. The four legs were supporting 170 tons of giant screens, audio, and lighting. It would take five days to erect the structure and another two days to dismantle it before transporting it to the next venue.

The challenge involved maintaining the flow of the back-to-back concerts while seamlessly assembling and transporting “The Claw” between tour dates.