Can You Make Your Business Flow Like a U2 Concert?

A roaring crowd of 90,000 fans greeted U2 at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on June 30th, 2009. It was the first of the 110 shows of the 360° Tour. The tour was named for a stage configuration that made it possible for the audience to almost completely surround the stage.

Construction of the stage was of gargantuan proportions. The steel structure weighed 220 tons. The four legs were supporting 170 tons of giant screens, audio, and lighting. It would take five days to erect the structure and another two days to dismantle it before transporting it to the next venue.

The challenge involved maintaining the flow of the back-to-back concerts while seamlessly assembling and transporting “The Claw” between tour dates.

3 Steps to Turn Clients into Raving Fans with Trello

Nurturing current customers is easier, less expensive, and more effective than the process of acquiring new ones.

However, we tend to concentrate more on lead generation than on enhancing the experience and happiness of our existing clients.

It’s true, nurturing prospective clients is critical, but how can you make sure there’s a “happily ever after” once you and your client have committed to working together?

5 Steps to Manage Your Blogging with Trello

If you are just tuning into our Trello series, check out the last week’s post, where we talked about how Trello can help you tame your email overwhelm.

At the end of the post I asked you to share with me the areas of your life and business that you’d want to be able to manage with Trello.

The two areas that received most votes were Managing Content for a Blog and Managing Client work. So, as promised, those are my next two articles.

Email Management With Trello

Has this ever happened to you? You come across a thread on Facebook where people rave about a task/project management tool:

Ooh, it’s super easy to use and crazy effective;
I no longer have to rewrite to-do lists or have them in 9 places;
I use it to pretty much run my life;
It’s been my go-to tool for client management;
I’ve been using it for both business and personal tasks just to have everything in one place. It’s amazing!

All that sounds heavenly. Excited, you create an account with that tool and start moving your tasks and projects there. For the next few days you diligently open your new tool and poke around to figure out how you can make it do the same wonders people talked about.