How to Make Progress on Your Business When You Have a Full Time Job

You’ve decided to start a business while working your 9-5, and although you feel really passionate and driven, when you get home from work, you’re not exactly sure what you “should” be doing to make progress on that side business!
This is a place many new entrepreneurs find themselves in while they struggle to balance their full-time gig with their side hustle.
While there is no formula to follow, here are some guidelines that will give you clarity on how to move forward.

How To Build A Business To Succeed

The other day I was chatting with a friend of mine who is the owner of a rapidly growing business. We were chatting about ways to bring some sanity back into her life, because some aspects of her business were getting out of hand.

At one point, my friend, who had recently interviewed Tara Gentile, said: “It’s amazing! Tara has SO much going on, but when we talked, she sounded so relaxed, almost carefree, sharing with me all the projects she’s working on. HOW does she do it?”

I Could Have Avoided My Flopped Launch

Growing up in USSR, where owning a business was out of the question and individualism, creativity and being distinct weren’t praised, I had no appropriate business role models to learn from.

So, the first two years of building my own business were a steep learning curve. After a while my individual practice picked up, which was certainly an achievement.

However, I knew that selling my services one-to-one would not be enough …

Fearless Launching with Anne Samoilov: Program Review

My name is Natasha and I am info product junkie. Online programs and digital products help me stay abreast of developments within my industry and supply me with techniques for growing my business and improving my offerings. Some of these info products receive a lot of my attention and others don’t. Anne Samoilov’s Fearless Launching is one of those programs that have rocked my world…