Create Systems That Reflect Your Personality and Business Needs

If you want to have a business that you love running, creating systems is a must. Systems help you do less busy work and more of the work that matters to you.

However, no two businesses are alike when it comes to which systems to create. This is great news because it means you don’t have to force your business into systems that don’t work for your personality or your business’s demands.

What’s more, when done right, they can help your business stand out from the rest of your industry.

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So how do you decide which systems are best for your business?

Do You Need A Map?

You have a grand vision for your business. But do you have a business map?
That vision gives you the drive and motivation to push forward and not to give up when things get unbearable.
But the same guiding light can as easily become the source of anxiety if you can’t figure out to how to actually reach it.

4 Ways to Be Creative with IFTTT

Imagine if you could update all of your social media channels, keep tabs on what your competitors are up to, keep your content organized, and make sure you don’t spend hours looking for information buried in your Inbox? Let’s look at some creative IFTTT recipes.
IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a tool that has the power to do all of that almost automatically once you set up key “recipes,” or processes, that you want to happen.
While IFTTT can’t do all of the work for you, it does set a brilliant foundation for you to do the things that you know will move your business forward.
It exists to help you be more productive so you can make the most out of the time you have each day.

Save Massive Amounts of Time with One Simple Tool

Does this kind of situation sound familiar?

A client wants to book a session with you, but there’s this frustrating and time-consuming series of email exchanges about possible dates and times. “Oh, that doesn’t work for me. Can we do 3 pm PST instead?”

This happens all the time, and it doesn’t cast you in the most professional light. You want everything to flow smoothly and quickly.

Use an online schedule to put an end to scheduling ping-pong, which can cause you to lose clients and cash.

4 Educational Websites Every Bootstrapping Entrepreneur Must Know

Are you still in the early stages of building your business? Still wearing not only multiple hats but shoes and shirts, too?

All this task switching means you’re constantly learning new skills—like how to build or make tweaks to your website—and you’ve got to learn them as quickly as possible while still maintaining professional quality.

You need help—affordable support!