Avoiding mindset traps when our systems begin to work

Avoiding mindset traps when our systems begin to work

“I’m sure I’m forgetting something…” This is what a dear friend and client said to me on a call recently. We were discussing the anxiety she feels now that her new systems are working smoothly and efficiently. She’s streamlined her onboarding process to the point that it makes her feel a bit anxious – because it only takes a few minutes. Here’s how you can avoid these mindset traps…

Want an Exceptional Assistant? Do This

You are special. Your business is special. You’re looking for a team member who is special too. An exceptional assistant who will treat your business as their own. Someone you can blindly trust and fully rely upon who has the same level of attention to detail that you do. Someone who compliments you in an amazing “made for each other” kind of way.

What Role Do You Want in Your Business?

In the middle of the busy days, client calls, and never ending task list, there’s something you need to consider. Something that’s just a bit too big to ignore. Just exactly what role do you want to play in your business…and how can you design a business that supports the work you really want to do?

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for Growth

As you map out your goals for the year, I hope you use the planning prompts I shared with you last time.

But I also want to warn you of 3 mistakes that can hinder your growth.

We’ll go over the tactics to prevent these mistakes from happening in the mini-class I’ve mentioned to you in my last email. But if for some reason you chose not to join us, at least you’ll know what to look out for.