Part 3: How to Ensure Great Performance of Your Team Members

So you’ve hired your new assistant and assigned her first few tasks. She’s completed them, and when you review them, you can’t help but feel disappointed with how they turned out.

You wonder to yourself, “Did I say something that didn’t make sense or did she just not know how to do what I was asking?”

It could be that adequate information wasn’t provided or that she got confused during the process.

Instead of letting this happen over and over again or letting your assistant go and reverting back to doing everything yourself, experiment with these three effective strategies for working with your new team member.

How to Delegate Without Adding a Team Member

Is the pain from watching the many balls you’re juggling drop to the ground starting to get to you? Start delegating! Use the resources you already have to systemize and streamline your processes to save you time without hiring an assistant.

Don’t shy away from delegating just because have a small budget.

You could delegate many of the tasks you do every day without spending more than $50 a month.

Delegating, using the resources you already have, is possible. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as you may have previously thought.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Business for the Vacation Season

With summer upon us, it’s more challenging than ever to manage our ever-growing to-do list.

Fears are creeping up on us, waking us up in the middle of the night:

I’m the only one who can keep things running smoothly…

Everything’s going to collapse if I’m not completely in control…

Can I really go on vacation without ruining my business…

Maybe I should just keep working….

Is your head spinning?

Let me lighten your burden with one free tool and 5 tips.