3 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for Growth

As you map out your goals for the year, I hope you use the planning prompts I shared with you last time.

But I also want to warn you of 3 mistakes that can hinder your growth.

We’ll go over the tactics to prevent these mistakes from happening in the mini-class I’ve mentioned to you in my last email. But if for some reason you chose not to join us, at least you’ll know what to look out for.

Why You’ve Got To Get Addicted To Delegation

As entrepreneurs, we easily whip out our credit cards to pay for online courses to “fix” ourselves or our businesses, or we splurge on the latest software to stay current but. . . .

Suddenly, when it comes to actually hiring someone to help us, we get skeptical.

The fact of the matter is that your company’s biggest leaps are probably only going to happen when you free yourself—physically and emotionally—for the BIG things.

How to Delegate Tasks in Asana that Always Get Done

There is no doubt that Asana is a powerful tool for helping you delegate tasks to your team members. All of its features serve to make communication easier and to help everyone complete tasks and projects on time.

Despite all of those functionalities though, sometimes team members don’t complete tasks according to your standards or on time. When this happens, it can put important projects, like your next launch, behind schedule and cost you unexpected time and money.

So how can you delegate tasks for your team so that they always get done on time and exceed your expectations?

How to Prepare Your Online Business for Maternity Leave

How to Prepare Your Online Business for Maternity Leave

You just found out that you are pregnant. You are elated. Afterall, this is something you’ve always wanted. But once the excitement of bringing a little one into the world settles down, a slew of concerns begin to pop up.

How will I manage the business when I have a newborn?

When will I come back?

How will my business change?

These are just a few questions that may be running through your mind.

The good news is that as long as the baby hasn’t already arrived, you still have time to prep so you can feel less stressed about the business and allocate your energy toward the new addition to your family.

For this to work, it is essential that you have a team in place because as much as you may have been holding down the fort solo, it takes more than one person to build a business and raise a child.